What is the widespread use of pvc plasticizers?

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The use of pvc plasticizers is now very extensive. Can be applied to PVC cable material, PVC film, PVC profile, PVC hose, artificial leather, door and window and window seal, other plastic film, plastic sandals, foam sandals, paint, glue, decorative materials, carpet, car mat, Yoga balls and other pvc products can be used.
The advantages of pvc plasticizer are many: 1. Cold resistance. The quality is stable and the liquidity is stable. 2. Resistance and flexibility. In the process of using dioctyl ester and butyl ester, the composition of the vegetable ester can be added according to the above-mentioned proportion, and the plastic film can be added with resistance and flexibility. 3. Do not take oil. Pvc plasticizer has good compatibility with PVC resin and long heat stability, which solves the problem of oil separation. 4. Add product light, transparency.